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Archive for October 2005

Gym gives thumbs up!!!

October 30, 2005

So I talked with Brenda tonight.  She is the owner of the Down Town Gym.  I told her about my movie and how I was wondering if I could film there.  She said it would probably be fine.  And then I told her that filming would be around Feb. to March of 2006.  She was […]

Old costume changes

October 27, 2005

Here is me in my old Joker coat, and an edited pic of the look I’m kinda going for.  I bought the pattern to make this, mainly cause I can look at these pics and know exactly what kind of alterations to make.


October 26, 2005

This pic will be whats on the newspapaer in my movie, FUCK YA!!!! _____________________________________________________   Jason Kimbel actually made this picture, check out his site at: http://www.artwanted.com/batfan

Wrong pattern size

October 26, 2005

I grabbed the medium size patter.  Yeah, there’s no way my fat ass would fit in that, so I’m exchanging all that and then possibly taking some pics to star in the alteration of just the one pattern.

Fabric & Pants!!!

October 24, 2005

Ah!!! Behold, my K-mart & Wal-mart Pants, and the material that I will be making the Joker Suit out of.  The material is on top.  Again, the idea is "darkness".  The brighter the clothes, the less menecing I think.  I will soon be taking pictures of me in the old joker coat in an effort […]

This pattern is probably it…

October 23, 2005

So this is, infact, the actual pattern I used to make my first Joker suit.  I’ve lined up 2 specific sets of pants that are basically the same color as the last pic.  I’m going to start looking for fabric that matches them.  Then, after alot of alterations and additions to the pattern, my new […]

Potential Pants color, and backup

October 23, 2005

So here is a set of Wal-Mart pants.  I’ll diffenitly continue to browse for more pants, but I don’t mind the color on these.  They aren’t very bright, which is diffenitly something I want.  The brighter the colors get, the more it feels like the old camp T.V. show.  I also copied all my story […]

A pattern, inspiration, and mockup…

October 22, 2005

So I think I used this same pattern when I made my Joker Halloween Costume.  If so, I’ll look into makeing ALOT of alterations to it, and continue to look for other patterns as well.  I think I’ll just be buying a set of pants that are as close to purple as I can get, […]

Better pics of Locations

October 22, 2005

So here are much better pics of where I hope to shoot at.  I have a feeling if I get permission to shoot at the gym I’ll kindly ask if I can move a few things and proably cut the grass. 

Scouting the sites and extra thoughts…

October 21, 2005

So here is 2 pictures of the deck balcony thing behind Jordan’s house.  I feel confident I could take in some Bat Footage there as Tim, Jordan’s Dad, is a big Bat fan.  And who wouldn’t like a guy dressed like Batman hanging out on thier balcony.  The third pic is of the gym parking […]

Shirt update

October 20, 2005

Here is the Joker shirt, the vest and one of the coulpe of ties I’ll be making.

B Fanfilm blog begins…

October 20, 2005

ok, just started updating this page to reflect my progress on the Bat Fan Film.  I got 2 pics, the shoes of Joker, and a Bat-blade.  I’m currently lookin to get a pattern for a tuxedo with tails, as my old halloween costume won’t do and I can’t dye a polyestor tux.  More to come… […]