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Archive for December 2005

Sickness, 2nd material, & sewing

December 28, 2005

I got sick, on top of that, I’m preparing for the 3rd Hammer movie, so I’ve been delayed in updating.  But I got some other material, but I don’t like it.  It looks very stail, no shine.  So, I’ve began sweing some of the cape material to make the gauntlets.  Once they are sewn on, I’ll […]

Test drive GLoves

December 25, 2005

So I got the gloves, I will now need to sew on the extention then add the arm blade things.  I used the fabric for the cape in the picture below, and I’ll be using that same material for the extension.  I may use black buttons to open and close the extentions, as sewing through […]

Newspaper scene Test

December 21, 2005

I took my new video camera to Rapid.  What I found out is that it shoots ALOT better at night than my regular Digital Camera.  And, I won’t have to worry about extra lighting when I shoot this scene.  Shit, I probably won’t have to worry about extra lighting on any of it.  So I’ll diffenitly […]

New Gloves

December 16, 2005

So, the company that was going to sell me the gloves said they were discontinued I think, and refunded my money.  Rather than look for a discontinued pair, which would probably take forever, I decided on these new ones.  Ofcourse I’ll be removing the Fox lable.

Idea for testing shots

December 15, 2005

I think, now that I have 5 one hour long mini DV tapes, I’ll devote 1 specifically to testing my shots.  That way, if I do a test and it tapes over something, no big deal. -H

Rapid location?

December 15, 2005

Here is a spot in Rapid City I was thinking of shooting the newspaper scene.  I need to see it at night, maybe do a shoot with my new camera for a lighting test.  The main consern is that I don’t wanna take alot of time on this shot.  It’s a simple scene, and I […]

Camera arrived

December 13, 2005

Got the camera and all acessories.  I forgot my digital camera, so no pic of the newspaper machine yet.  Hopefully tomorrow. -H


December 12, 2005

Here is a idea I came up with for a newspaper in the begining of the film.  Also is  a reference to the Batman: Death in the Family newspaper in the 1st issue.  My camera equipment should be here tomorrow.  So, I could very well start shooting stuff that Jason doesn’t need to be present for.  […]

Shirt DONE! Jacket in January…

December 11, 2005

So I may add another layer of ink or so, then again, I might not risk it.  But the shirt is basically done.  Talked with my Semstress, Mid January I should have my Joker jacket.  She had to delay makin it but wrote me telling me she "really" wants to do it.  So the finished […]

Got the shirt

December 7, 2005

So the shirt arrived, as expected it had a lable on the front, but wear it backwards, or inside out, problem solved.  I will more than likely make a pattern slightly smaller out of paper, have someone put on the shirt, trace the pattern, and then fill it in.  I imagine a permanent marker will […]

Got the Camera, shirt, tux, stand in, and a surprise!!!

December 1, 2005

I got the Canon Elura 90.  External Mic jack, USB for the computer, audio/video out so I can watch and listen on a bigger screen and head phones when I film.  Canon camera cause Arn recommended them.  Got the grey spandex shirt, it has a label on the front, but I imagin I can turn it […]