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Archive for January 2006

supplies for bat arm blades…

January 30, 2006

Got some polyurethane.  I’ve put some duct tape over one side of the wood, to screw into  If I covered all of it, it may be to hard to do.  So I’ll cover the rest with Polyurethane to avoid them chipping, once done, I will need to attach them to the gloves.  I imagine I’ll […]

Tights on back order… lame

January 28, 2006

So the grey Zyflex tights are out of stock.  I read on their site that you can call them and leave some contact info for when they are in stock, they’ll let you know I guess.  This delay is probably for the best, as I’ll need Jason’s sizing info. -H

Care Package Begins…

January 27, 2006

I’ve decided that before I screw and glue in my batblades to the gloves I’m going to send them to Jason for a fitting.  I already stuck on the fuzzy part of the velcro, this way all he’ll need to do is put on the hook part of the velcro right where he needs the glove […]

Cowl Sketch!!!

January 25, 2006

Here is Jason’s sketch for what he will be doing for the cowl.    Need I say more.  Times like this, my Zest for making this film is topped to the brim like Superman flying in close to the sun and getting even stronger!!! -H


January 24, 2006

So, while I wait for some other things to get made, I kind of have to put things on hold as me and my roommate Brandon move out of the old apartment, "Tea Party Central", and into out new place.  Once I get settled, I’ll finish the gloves.  I don’t think it’ll take me more than […]

I’ve got wood! HAHAHA!!!

January 19, 2006

The arm blade pieces are cut.  I magic markered them black.  I think I’m going to Polyurathane it, make it really tough, so it won’t chip.  Then I’ll spray paint it black, then maybe spray it with some gloss too.  After that I’ll probably ship Jason the gloves so he can fit them to his […]

New design

January 13, 2006

I’m pretty sure I’ll be making the gloves with this style of blade.  I’ve ran through alot of ideas and this seems like the best way to go, style and creation wise, as an elaborate design would be hard to make with only a hand saw, which is what I have.  I may however see […]

Small screen test at Jordan’s

January 11, 2006

Jordan on his back deck in the Bat shirt, gloves and a piece of the cape drapped over him.  The camera quality is letting me down, but the costume isn’t.  Infact, the grey/white interior of the black cape material looked pretty good as is.  So, I might not even paint the interior of the cape, […]

not tooooo fond of it…

January 11, 2006

Below are the chunks of wood I cut.  I duct taped them to my glove there, and with good reason.  I didn’t want to commit to them, and now I think thats the case.  I don’t really like it.  I’ll diffinitly be considering other options.  Feel free to suggest anything, anyone. -H

Dear God I’ve DONE IT!!!

January 9, 2006

I wanted the best of both worlds.  The white eyes on Bats in the comic and the ablity to display more emotion by seeing his eyes in the movies.  Behold, two screens that used to cover the pucks of my cigar humidor pucks.  Now, I’ve got my edge in this movie, something possibly no one […]

Screen Test coming up

January 8, 2006

I spoke with Brenda, DownTown Gym owner, she said Cory, her husband, and her both approve and would have no problem leaving the gate open for me after closing.  So, I’ll be doing a bunch of screen tests before to long.  Mostly for me to check the local lighting, and see if I need more.  I’ll be […]

Gloves sewn…

January 8, 2006

Now all I have to do is make some arm blade things.  I think I’m gonna go cruise like Ace Hardware and look for materials.  I imagine I’ll just make some wood ones.  But, will see.  I might also get them to Jason for a official fitting, so I know just where the snaps go. […]

Coat Clarification

January 5, 2006

Spoke with the Sewing lady, she had a few ideas, but I basically sent her a link and clarified the best I could about the coat I wanted.  The pic below is the style, but with the fabric color listed in a previous entry. -H

One Glove sewn

January 4, 2006

I have the material sewn to one glove, will start the other.  After that, I will probably work on the Blades that go on them.  Then finally send them to Jason for a fitting, so I can add snaps in the appropriete places. -H P.S. I got a Signature Series CGC’d comic from Wizard, check […]

More Sewing, more sick, & moving

January 2, 2006

I’ve made some more progress on the glove.  I think thats good considering I just got done setting up and filming the hammer moives.  Pics can be found in the "Living in Victory" photo album.  A difference in what is appropriete for roommates has made me make the descision to leave my apartment, and seek […]