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Archive for February 2006


February 26, 2006

So I did some research on good positioning in front of the lense for characters.  And did some adjusting to storyboards.  I also checked on the zyflex spandex place, and they are still out of stock on the things I need.  Lame…  I’ll have to call them agian and request an update on when they’ll […]


February 24, 2006

Got this tripod, it was $80.  But, I can get my over head shots no problem now.   Also got a sweet deal on the Fox boots.  Those shipped today.

Got just one simple mic

February 19, 2006

I did almost too much thinking on this microphone issue.  I decided the best thing to do would just be to get a Unidirectional Mic and not go overboard on the quality.  So I bought a mic at Radio Shack as you can see and did some testing with my camera.  It’ll sound great.  And […]

Bat Belt

February 16, 2006

So here is a start on the belt, or maybe I’m done, I don’t knonw.  I added a few Mountain climing things, so there ya go.  2 different ways of lighting it up.  The pouches reflecked light too.  Not sure if I should do a belt buckle.  Leave me some comments Jason, or right me an email.  […]


February 12, 2006

Got a man on top of my microphone requests.  One mic for voice, a second for sound effects.  Hopefully I can order them some time soon.  I guess we’ll see. -H

Supplies & recon…

February 9, 2006

Marker Board to show the scene number before each shot… CHECK.  2 black King Sheets for background in the set "storage unit"…  CHECK.  3 brochures for caves in the local area… CHECK.  I will need to call each place, figure out when they open after this winter season, and if they allow cameras.  …AH!  Just had […]

Done…. kind of

February 2, 2006

These are polyurathaned and ready to go, just waiting on the fitting.  After I get these on, I’ll add some snaps and I’m done.  I  also was checkin the comments out, and did some second guessing about the shape of them.  I did alot of looking on the internet, and truth be told, these are […]

Glove work…

February 1, 2006

I polyurathaned the arm blade things today, spoke with Jason, talked to the spandex place and sent out the gloves to Jason.  They said the tights should only be anothr week.  Below is the procedure for the velcro, easy enough.  Everything is going good.  The arm blade things were stil wet, so I’m letting them […]