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Archive for March 2006

More gear

March 24, 2006

Got the tights in the mail.  And I know they will fit Jason…  cause…  they fit me, and I’m…   Huskey.  HA!!  Now, there is only about 10 things left on my list of items I need for the film.  And that list is pretty long cause it’s everything from waredrobe to equipment to props.  So […]

Pants, shorts & extra shirt

March 19, 2006

So, even though my car has yet to be replaced, I’m always checking with the zyflex site to see if they have gotten the Grey tights back in stock.  Well, they did, so I got them, the black shorts, and a spair Grey shirt.  Standard shipping, should be about a week.  I really need to set […]

Crashed my car

March 12, 2006

So, there I was driving back from Rapid, passing this car, & all the sudden, that car is getting into my lane, long story short I got ran off to the left, over corrected, slid, then went down into the ditch on the right of the interstate, flipped the Ford, and ended back on the […]

Got Fitted

March 8, 2006

So, the sewing lady took out her patterns, and laid them on me.  Then we got a good idea of how it was going to look.  I told her not to worry about the buttons, as I will try a different variety.  Also left a coat there that fits me snug, so she can know […]


March 5, 2006

Just got these Pics from Jason.  Looking GOOOOOD!!!  Now I think he said that after he gets this sculpture just right, he’ll start on the big mask.  Getting close. -H

Tuxedo Fitting on Monday

March 5, 2006

So, Monday the 6th, I’ll be swinging over to The Sewing Ladies house, she’s going to have me try on a few things I think.  Or possibly just pin some things to me…  truth be told, I’m not sure what she’s going to do, only that she says that once done, she can sew it […]

Boots showed up… but…

March 2, 2006

So I got the Boots in, Size 9, no problem.  They look great, but… as you can see the Fox lable is White.  And since it’s Batman and not Foxman, I’ll be coloring them in with some black.  I’ve started with some magic marker, but may end up using spray paint.  Still no word from […]