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Archive for April 2006

Still no internet…

April 29, 2006

hence the lack of blog entries.  But, I’m still making alot of good progress, the cape should be made soon.  I’ve made alot of good blueprints so to speak illustrating my sets and where the camera will be.  I’m getting VERY close to filming some of the non critical shots, like feet and hands and […]

Small cape

April 9, 2006

OK, got a Flash action figure as my scaled down model.  I cut some general black fabric to the scalled down size, so if flash was my height, thats how big my pieces of Vinel would be.  So, I’m going to experiment around with some patterns and try to develope a cape, the other pic […]

Snappy Gloves

April 6, 2006

Got the gloves almost done, just need to color some of the inside black.  As you can see that some of it’s interior, which is grey, is seen throught the gaps between the snaps.  Also considering leaving the snaps the silver color as it will help add a more detailed look to the costume.  But […]

Gloves in a Flash

April 5, 2006

Got the gloves back from Jason today.  I took some time and got the bat blade things on it.  However, in the process, one of my wood pieces cracked SLIGHTLY.  I can probably keep on using it, but I realized if it or any breaks in production, that would suck shit and it would halt […]

Tuesday for Tuxedo

April 3, 2006

This coming tuesday, the 4th, I have to meet with the sewing lady.  I think she has the joker tux sewn up, but wants me to try it on before the electric purple liner is sewn in.  After that I told her I would select the buttons and sew them on myself.  I’ll also be in […]