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The blog for updates about Henry Tripson & his fan film entitled BATMAN THE LINE, a story meant to take place after the events of BATMAN #424 & 425.

storage unit

Called the local storage unit guy and left a message.  Considering there isn’t but 2 left, I think I’ll start renting one, that will also help motivate me to get my ass in gear and get this filmed FAST!!!  I’ve desided to ony get 2 pieces for my Joker face.  The nose and the chin, the rest I’ll leave in Jason’s hands.  So, I’ll also be looking into probably making those pieces, as the ones I used for halloween werern’t good enough.  I’m on the horizon of this movie.  3 years this september I would be workin on it.  Shit, I only went to tech school for 2, ha!!!  This movie well be the 2nd largest one thing I’ve done with me life, #1 is school.  Below is a funny pic, I was sitting there and reliezed the essence of my geekness.  I"m surrouned by my comics.  HAHAHA, oh, and thats my knee, not my crotch.

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