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Archive for September 2006

more shots, AH YEAH!!!

September 20, 2006

So, i went back to the gym, and finished shooting.  5 shots total, lost of takes.  Excellent.  I also got my hair cut kinda joker style and asked the ladies there about getting it green.  I also contluded my contact lense trouble and have Wal-Mart ordering me the 2nd lense.  I’m almost done. -H Advertisements

A night of shooting!!!

September 20, 2006

With the help of editing, I’m sure I’ll be able to add these shots below with all the Jason Footage.  3 shots got scratched, I’m not doing them.  And I forgot to do 2 shots.  DOH!!!  But with some help, I got alot of good footage here.  In the next few days, I’ll have to […]

Stupid Wal-Mart

September 13, 2006

Ok, wal-mart only ordered me 1 contact lense, duh.   It was also REALLY expensive, so I’ll be shopping around for these contacts before I buy then through wal-mart.  Anyhow, I got my crappy shots re-worked.  Now, with some addtional notes, I’ll be prepared for the actual shoot and it’ll go great.  Below is all the […]

Tons Dones

September 10, 2006

1. Got Fake Blood 2. Ordered contact lenses 3. Painted the BatCave Background sheet 4. De-Weeded the Gyms parking lot where we’ll film 5. Took alot of test shoots   Below is pics taken from the test footage at the gym, the fake blood, and the back ground sheets.  I looked over these shots and […]