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Archive for February 2007

Guess WHAT?

February 25, 2007

Guess what?   I got my storyboards for my second film "Brave World" done.  Here is a pic, it’s not really an update on the batman film.  But i think it’s worth mentioning. Advertisements

Books and patches

February 22, 2007

Found the embroidery place, and I got 3 different colors of thread selected.  They are all a variation of the color yellow.  So I’ll have 3 different colors of yellow for the robin patch.  I also decided to go with the more expressive looking "R", the one that is based off jason’s design.  The other […]

My computer broke

February 15, 2007

Much to my surprise, my NEW computer will not turn on.  I’m getting it looked at and will hopefully have it fixed shortly.  Its a minor setback as I don’t have to have it workin for right now, but sadly mixing the first part of the movie with some newly aquired music from Chase will […]

Updated Robin Patch

February 13, 2007

So I got my 5 blank patches.  Below are to ideas I’m thinking about for the "R".  I just put some paper over them for the "R".  Odds are I’ll be getting both made so I can see how each turns out.   One is a new design made possible by a skilled artist, the other […]

Robin Patch in the Works

February 1, 2007

So I need an "R" symbol for the Robin shirt.  I figured I could just find some place that would make me like one thats a sew on, or iron on patch, but it turns out that there is usually a minimum of 100 patches you gotta buy.  So, instead I spoke to Spearfish’s local […]