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Archive for April 2007

So begins the set

April 26, 2007

Got the styrofoam walls, got some black sheets for the floor and ceiling, and I got some spray insulation and a spray can of some stuff you make texture with.  Now, I have to mold me a cave, then paint it.  Then light it.  Then put in my boom mic.  Then I just got to […]

Robin Cape Done

April 8, 2007

Here is the Robin cape.  I finally got the collor’s other side painted black and the inside painted yellow.  It got a little mud on it as I was painting it outside but i think that will add to it.  The down side?  The paint is now stinking up my apartment.  LOL. -H

Updated Robin Collar

April 5, 2007

here is the Robin collar.  I had the sewing ladies put a little extra stitch through it to help define the edge.  No I gotta paint the back of the collar black and the inside yellow.