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Archive for August 2007

Fun with Neat Video demo program

August 25, 2007

Grain sucks!  Did some research and it’s a pretty common problem.  So most recommend this program called Neat Video.  To my surprise, they have a usable demo.  Here are some before and after shots I made with some extra Rapid City footage I had, so the results are genuine.  There are 2 different versions you […]

Fun with Arnold and Lighting

August 12, 2007

With the help of my good friend, Arnold on a Stick, and a plastic batman mask, which ISN’T what will be used, I did some more test shooting.  I basically pored on the lighting, then just reduced it in Sony Vegas.  This way there is FAR less grain and an it makes for a better […]


August 10, 2007

So here is a few newly acquired things.  I have my camera obviously, but now it has a Letus35 Adapter.  I have a F1.5 35mm lens to go on the end of the Letus35.  This gives me the ability to have very shallow depth of field.  You’ll also see on my tripod the stand for […]