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The blog for updates about Henry Tripson & his fan film entitled BATMAN THE LINE, a story meant to take place after the events of BATMAN #424 & 425.


So here is a few newly acquired things.  I have my camera obviously, but now it has a Letus35 Adapter.  I have a F1.5 35mm lens to go on the end of the Letus35.  This gives me the ability to have very shallow depth of field.  You’ll also see on my tripod the stand for those things.  Its designed to support a mini DV camera and it’s attachments so that the weight is equally distrubed rather than hook the camera only to the try pod and have the adapter be pulling down on the filter thread on the end of my camera.  I also saved myself about $90 by just getting an ordinary toolbox, and some spare foam that a furniture repair shop had in order to make a case for my equipment.  That only cost me about $10 total.  And finally Arn was nice enough to sell me his computer chair which I felt was perfect for batman’s chair.  Thanks Buddy, and good luck in Minneapolis. 

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