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more on sound

this is promising, It’s from the same company that made my camera too.  So I bet this is what I need, down side?  It’s like $150.  Damn!  But sound is important and having only one speaker work is way ghetto, so I’ll window shop for more but odds are this is close to what I’ll be getting. Below is a Pic and its discription as found on a website.
   – Update:  Ok, so this mic you can’t set up as a boom as the little connector on it’s bottom hooks ontop of my camera to get power, so the mythical Stereo Boom Mic search continues
   – Update 2: This one looks promising as you put a battery in it for power, it’s stereo, and it’s cheap.  I’ll need to read some reviews on it though.

Canon DM-50 Directional Stereo Microphone

DM-50 Microphone is a directional stereo microphone which connects to the Advanced Accessory Shoe. Compatible with select Elura and Optura Camcorders.


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