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Archive for February 2008

Notes & More Jerrod

February 24, 2008

So I’ve been reviewing Jerrod’s lines, and cutting away at the best of the best.  Plus, I’m almost done with my Notes that I’m writing.  As mentioned earlier, the notes are all thing things from the 4 books I’ve read and underlined that is important for this movie but I have a tough time remembering.  […]

a small sequence, but lots of options

February 19, 2008

More shooting, the lines weren’t many, so the directing of the acting was a little limited.  So, I took alot of time to reposition the camera to find the ideal shot for the quick back and forth dialog between the characters.  This is the whole "how did you learn to talk?" section, and as such, […]

Done with the 5 C’s

February 16, 2008

I finished and underlined the important stuff in all these books.  I think I’m gonna re-read the underlined stuff and make notes for all stuff thats relivant to this movie that I have a tough time remembering.  Infact, I might do that before EVERY film, as a refresher.  Tomorrow, I might do some more shooting […]

Giving Jerrod a try

February 10, 2008

So Jerrod really wanted to be in the movie.  So we set up a time, and did some shooting.  Ok, first off, his acting needs work, second, I need to keep like my Key light better strapped down as it was moving around slightly and it’s INSANELY noticable in shooting, also, i have alot of […]