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Archive for March 2008

finished notes

March 30, 2008

4 books, and 3 pages of notes about things I had a tough time remembering out of them.  I now need to fully plan out the live action stuff and the Joker scene.  With lights, shots, and test footage.  Find the best angles, and put them on my psp for reference.  I also need to […]

mailing list

March 27, 2008

With free time at work I put together a list of 1 comic shop per state with their mailing address.  I intend to send them all a DVD of the movie when it’s done.  I did the math and I’m probably looking at a minimum of $60 to ship them all.  But thats not a […]

Almost ready for more filming…

March 18, 2008

I solved, best I could, the question of lighting.  Now, I organized the Robin shots on a schedule below, I have my normal storyboards, but I also have pictures of my REALLY good test photage on my Sony PSP to help with the specifics of the camera angle.  I think all I gotta do now […]

finding my 2 shot

March 16, 2008

Below is more test photage.  I like the top row middle one.  They are all a different angles which are supposed to fallow the last one where I’m holding up one finger.  The swaping of the one light bulb is also proving a sucess.  With this done, and with some notes takin about the other […]

DVD and youtube brightness

March 12, 2008

So as I’ve been mentioning, the level of picture brightness needs to be different if I plan on making a clip for you tube or a DVD.  Now after alot of testing, I’ve found that the right level of brightness for them both to match is…   70% for the Letus35 shots and 44% = for […]

another youtube test

March 12, 2008

So, for youtube.com, I’ll need a 70% lighting on the main footage and a 44% on my footage without my Letus35 Adapter.  I’ll also need to change 1 light out and put in the "sun light" light bulb.  This is show in #3, and it’s ability to match #1 the best.  Below are screenshots taken off […]

youtube test

March 10, 2008

Ok, so there will be a shot within the Robin/Batman dialog that will require me to remove my Letus 35 adapter.  So that shot and all the other footage must match.  When this happends the color changes even though the lighting doesn’t.  This is shown in # 1 and # 2.  The difference is I […]

Full Test DVD

March 8, 2008

I found a way to record stuff off my Old video camera onto my new video camera, thus I could put that original test footage with Jason and Arn on my computer.  I did that, and with the current Jerrod stuff, and my screen test, I put together a full video.  It’s like a ransom […]

more test shooting

March 5, 2008

Jerrod came over, and with the help of my bro Chase, we did a little more shooting.  In order to get the 2peoplein1 shot to work with Jerrod and Chase’s arm, I had to take off my Letus35 adapter, and clearly there is a noticable change in picture quality it would seem.  But the shot does work […]