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Archive for April 2008

some in between shots

April 24, 2008

To better fill out my movie, i did some shoots that kinda of reset where you are as scenes change, here is a few shots that show where the Joker murder scene is gonna take place. -H Advertisements


April 21, 2008

As I wait for my actor’s hair to grow out  a bit more, I finished up my envolopes that I’ll be sending to 50 comic shops, 1 per state.  They’ll each get a copy of the movie.  I’m also gonna do some light testing soon and some actally shooting of storage units, as there isn’t […]

lighting plan

April 12, 2008

After alot of thinking, I realized that my lights can move if need be I was able to draw up 2 plans for how I intend to light the Joker murder scene and the action scene.  I’d say I without a doubt have 2 out of the seven lights I’m gonna want to use between the […]

Hair permitting

April 10, 2008

Still working on lighting, and planing.  But among other reasons, I have to finish my movie ASAP as thanks to my disgusting weak family genetics, whick I loath to no end, my hair is falling out.  I guess I’ll slowly start to realize what being the Joker will be like, to have your identity erased and […]

finished the joker planning

April 7, 2008

Got the storyboards that work in the Joker scene into the movie pretty seemlessly, as seen below.  Now, what I really need to do is. 1.  Finish the filming of Jerrod 2.   Possibly do a screentest of all the live action shots 3.  Work out HOW exactly to light it well.     

more notes

April 3, 2008

Got some filming tomorrow.  I need to get a much more clear view of exactly how the additional Joker scene will tie into this movie so I’m making additional storyboards.  I also really need to get a good idea of just how I’ll need to light the 2 main locations for the action and Joker […]