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Archive for August 2008

Screentesting good

August 24, 2008

Below is some screen shots of all the footage I got.  I wanted alot of angles, and I got some good ones.  I may need to do just a few more.  But here is what I got so far.  And also, my acting was pretty good too. Advertisements

cinematography first, then acting

August 21, 2008

I need to do some more screen tests as Joker, work out what I want each shot to look like exactly.  Then screen shot it on my computer, and put in on my sony PSP like so.  Sor whomever will work the camera as I film my scenes in front of the camera will have […]

more screentests.

August 18, 2008

I’m working on this Joker scene screen test to work out my cinimotography and make sure it looks good.  Below are some pics of the shots I’m liking.  I haven’t yet finished the whole screen test.  So more to come.  I’m also using it to help put together a more complete rough scruff movie to […]