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The blog for updates about Henry Tripson & his fan film entitled BATMAN THE LINE, a story meant to take place after the events of BATMAN #424 & 425.

planning a screentest

So I restoryboarded the action scene and plan to film a screentest of it.  But I also need to test the lighting, so rather than combine the 2 and have it be alot to do in 1 night, I’m gonna split it up.  I’ve drawn out a few basic stances the actors in the action will be in and will just go out on location and try and film it to test the lighting.  Then if it looks like it’ll work I’ll just film all the action with no major intrest in the light just to get the framing right.  The down side is there is alot going on in my life right now in terms of events that is not only making time short, but my pocketbook smaller.  So I can’t yet afford the lights, extention cords, and tapes to do these tests with.  But on a different note, I was trying to figure out how exactly to make certain shots in the movie have a more blurry out of focus background to focus attention even more.  After a large amount of looking on the internet I found the article and it was EXACTLY what I needed answer.  If you interested look below the picture of the storyboards and lighting test diagram.

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