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Archive for February 2011

2011 Superman Celebration Fan Film contest.

February 28, 2011

I got the application printed.  Just need to finalize the DVD’s cover and coloring, then prepare the release post contest.  Hopefully Jared can make it. Advertisements

flat tvs

February 26, 2011

These damn flat screen tvs are eating my dark shots up and spitting out nothing but just black on the screen.  Gotta do more testing to see if I can tweak the film into being a dash more bright to combat these stupid tvs.

26th copy

February 24, 2011

Cutting the 26th attempt of the fan film now.  Short of some unforeseen screw up, like me accidentally muting an audio track within the video editing program, which I happen to do on attempt 24, I do think this will in fact be the cut that the trusted circle of friends will watch as screeners […]

Music for screener

February 22, 2011

Chase came over.  He laid it down.  We got, quite possibly, all the music I’ll need to cut a screener for the trusted inner circle of friends.  Now I gotta mix it all together.  I’m needing to rework the volume of the narration, the punch noises, and the freshly added music.  But, so far, VERY […]


February 20, 2011

Anxiously awaiting an email from Chase.  With his wife going to a baby shower today, I might be able to get an hour of filming in to work on the music.  I ‘ve got 3 key things needed for this. 1.  1 minute & 5 or so seconds of high-octane action/fight music. 2. 27-30 seconds […]


February 19, 2011

First attempt.  Designed this on the program.  Got use out of a cool pic we took mid-filming.


February 19, 2011

are superior to a magic marker.  While I wait for Mistah Chase, who has a baby on the way, to let me know when our next recording session is for the music, I’ll work on making the DVD a bit more elegant.

Joker’s music…

February 14, 2011

is done.   The other music, I did a little tweaking, but this scene I mixed the crap out of Chase’s recorded sessions.  I cut/paste alot of parts of the music around to make my own beats and segues to new parts.  I sectioned off the main part into different volumed parts.  I slowed parts of […]

Hen Wood

February 11, 2011

First full test 24p dvd with sound done, looks good. Throughout the course of this fan film, I was nervous.  But after watching Ed Wood a few times, and lots of trial and error, I got my confidence and ease when shooting stuff.  But along that way, it seems I also picked up an Ed […]


February 9, 2011

Looks way better for the “film” look as oppose to the 29.9/30p “hard news” look.  You’d think a smoother more fluid image would be a good thing.  But actually it makes the movie look cheap.  It took me like 10hours of playing around on my programs but I think I found the exact method to […]

I got…

February 7, 2011

Sony DVD architect.  Now I gotta try to make a solid DVD.  Which is already proving to be difficult.  Jam session tomorrow hopefully.

new drive and music

February 3, 2011

Old DVD burner was  a P.o.S. so got this new LG one.  I’ll be buying Sony’s DVD architect later to burn the DVDs I’ll send out.  But for right now, I’m mixing in the music over my Joker scene.  It’s going…  ok.   Not sure yet.

More Music

February 1, 2011

Mr. Chase put down some music.  This time we recorded.  The music is for the Joker scene.  It reminds me of  The Shining and satanic church bells at a funeral…  if that makes sinces.   2 Guitars & 3 amps are gonna end up being used in this production.