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Archive for March 2011

On it’s way!

March 29, 2011

When I look back on all my old blog posts, it’s pretty funny to me reading how I’d always write that I’d have this film done in a few months from that time, or later that year.  But NOW, 6 year and a half years later, and with this package in the mail as of […]

The Final Cut… down?

March 28, 2011

The 31st version is it.  Seems destined.  Now I’m cutting together the DVD for my submission and rockin… you guessed it…. THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!

CUT & Soon to mail.

March 27, 2011

Got the 31st cut of the film ready.  Seems appropriate as my plan was to have the DVDs in the mail by the 31st of this month, which also happens to be my birthday.  So, I got a solid cut of the film, hopefully made someone look cut, cut the updated BRIGHTER DVD case covers […]

ok, maybe NOW…

March 21, 2011

Still sick, blah, but, I re-cut the film again, changing only the darkness on 2 specific shots to help cover up something that isn’t a real big deal, but I’d rather the audience think “It seemed a little dark there.”  rather than notice the other thing, and that’s all I’m saying.  This is the 29th […]

Still sick…

March 21, 2011

Feel crummy.  When I can get off the sofa, I’ll probably be ready to put together the DVDs for the Sup-z Celebration.

ink & aspirations

March 15, 2011

Got fresh ink for my moms printer.  Going to probably print off ALL the glossy DVD sticky lables I have.  But, I’m only going to print 2 DVD case covers.  If I take home any awards or recognitions I’m thinking I might possibly add it to the case cover before I send it to the […]

I think it’s done.

March 14, 2011

After several different test DVDs, I think I got the final version of the film.  It was a challenge finding the exact way to cut it together so that it played good on every DVD player I played it on.  But I think I finally got it.  So, now I can just get my DVD […]

DVD cases

March 12, 2011

Just arrived and they’re actually REALLY nice quality.  25 total, same amount as my glossy labels.  Here’s hoping I don’t mess up any of the labels.  2 will go to the superman celebration for my entry.  I’m sure more will be used for all that worked or acted in the film.  And the remaining ones, […]


March 10, 2011

Misspelled Jordan’s last name.  Corrected, cutting number 27 of the film now.


March 9, 2011

Making a solid DVD case.  But, it’s been a struggle.  Decided to go with color photos, but they are way to dark.  So tried to lighten them, and the black boards got lighter than the black text of the title and no longer blended together.  So, I’m probably going to past in a second set […]

Not sure if…

March 2, 2011

…I’ll use one, but if I do, I got a solid working cover for a DVD case should I decide to put one together.  I might, at least one for myself for my own collection.  I’ll probably keep it Black & White regardless, right and wrong symbolism.  The importance /symbolism of the Newspaper machine is […]