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The blog for updates about Henry Tripson & his fan film entitled BATMAN THE LINE, a story meant to take place after the events of BATMAN #424 & 425.

I think it’s done.

After several different test DVDs, I think I got the final version of the film.  It was a challenge finding the exact way to cut it together so that it played good on every DVD player I played it on.  But I think I finally got it.  So, now I can just get my DVD cases ready, my DVD lables ready and put a package together for this years Superman Celebration Fan Film contest.  Which, I happen to buy a new purple tie and purple pocket square for, as I plan on wearing a suit to it.  Cause, lets face it, this is my superhero Sundance Film festival, might as well spare no expense.  If I can get Jared and Jason to go, I’m gonna try to talk them into wearing suits to, with black tie for Jason as he played Batman and Red tie for Jared as he played Robin.  LOL   I do think I’ll test the DVD on maybe 2 or 3 more tvs to confirm it’s okusa.  Also, TODAY, I became a Godfather, to Chase’s son…. but as of 2:30, he is the boy with no name.


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