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Archive for August 2011

It’s finally online

August 31, 2011


13 hours

August 30, 2011

and the film will be uploaded to youtube.  Tonight is also the midnight release of the last issue of Flashpoint and Justice League #1.  Kinda cool timing.


August 24, 2011

No award from Renovation, oh well, a Star Wars fan film picked it up in the “fan” genre. Not sure which. This October, the Tri-cities International Fantastic Film Festival will be the last showing… maybe. There was one I’ll be asking about if it’ll be on next year the “Starfest Fan Film Festival” out of […]

Online version

August 21, 2011

will be available this 31st. So far the online version is about 530 or so Megs of info. It may only go up on a few sites. Youtube for sure. Renovation is over, no word on the awards yet. They had 1st, 2nd and People’s choice. Not sure if I’d make any as I’m sure […]