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The blog for updates about Henry Tripson & his fan film entitled BATMAN THE LINE, a story meant to take place after the events of BATMAN #424 & 425.

The 2 screenings…

went good.  Jason Kimble aka BATMAN, went to Starfest in Denver, while I was at Boston Comic Con.  Jason informed me our film was the first to play and was given a nice introduction by Veron Clark, the guy who ran the Film Fest.  I, over in Boston, gave a small intro of my own, mostly thanking those in attendance.  Below is a few pics from Boston.  Don’t think I got any from Denver.  But there is talk of a “survey”.  Hopefully there will be some feedback on the film.  Next up is OSFest in Omaha.


One Response to “The 2 screenings…”

  1. I’m the guy who put together the Boston Comic Con Film Fest. We screened it twice on Saturday (April 21st) and both showings were very well received, with the first one being introduced by Director/ Actor Henry Tripson himself! I’m looking forward to future projects from you!

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